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Jordance is continuing to grow to become when of the most uniquely recognized dance schools in Las Vegas. Specializing in ballet and latin dancing, this special combination ensures our dancers, or even better “jordancers” ;), are prepared for any their future goals. You or your child will understand how dancing changes our lives by learning:

  • Creativity - creating their own choreography and expressing themselves

  • Discipline - Understanding that hard work pays off

  • Teamwork - By helping and getting help from their peers to improve in their dance

  • And much more!

Simply fill out the form below so we can contact you about how to setup your free trial and be eligible for the 50% off the first 3 months(as low as $65 per month before the promotion)! We promise there are no string attached and no contract required. We just think we should give dancers our full commitment before they can give us theirs.

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