Drop In Classes

Adult Ballet

Work on proper technique and increase flexibility. Whether you are just starting or refining your dance your dance, enjoy this class for beginners and intermediate dancers.


A great opportunity to work on body movement and musicality. This class consists of numerous Cuban dances and a reflection of popular African movements that were transported to Cuba.


A rhythmic candle lit explorative movement & stretch class, where you learn how to listen & connect with your body. Join us for a relax evening with diffusers & chill music.

Created by owner Paula Jordan!



A powerful yoga flow practice that interweaves sequencing, strength, flexibility, and restorative poses to optimize athletic performance, while also creating exquisite calm throughout your body and nervous system.


This class is designed to improve physical durability, flexibility, and posture, and increase cognitive awareness. Pilates will help you gain strength in a safe and welcoming environment.

Hip Hop

A popular, energetic dance that is usually danced to urban music. This class will allow you to grow your artistic expression and better your coordination.