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Adult Programs


Led by Jimi Jordan & Paula Jordan, our salsa program specializes in social dancing and rhythm. We will teach each student proper NY Style technique with extra practice social dancing to build confidence and individuality. Later in their career students may have the opportunity to perform and join dance teams.

Drop ins

We offer a variety of drop in classes that are perfect for busy adults. Whether you need the graceful structure of ballet, core strengthening of pilates, or escape rhythmically with our very own Danzen, we have the perfect for a balanced lifestyle.

Adult Salsa

Salsa On2 Series


These series are each 4 weeks long* and are designed to thoroughly cover various topics to avoid have to relearn them down the road. Each series must be mastered before moving on to the next level!


*Make sure to find out when the next series starts

Salsa On2 Drop-Ins


Each class is different and assumes all series classes have been mastered. Learn new steps and new patterns along with the technique needed to confidently execute these moves on the dance floor. 





Drop In Classes


Social Team

Our "Social Dance Team," is designed to create a community of social dancers. We practice after every Level 1 and before Level 2 classes. We create challenges that will make your mind work different to create patterns according to the challenges. This will not only make your more comfortable in the dance floor, but it will also help you get more comfortable with your class mates, who you will also be seeing out at social events. 

Muñecas Del Mambo

Our "Muñecas del Mambo Team," is an all girls team, which was created by Jimi & Paula as their first team project. Practices include our Social Dance Team, and a separate 2 hour practice, where we practice choreography, styling, musicality and movement. 


Interested? Contact us to find out how to join!