Adult Salsa

Salsa On2 Series

These series are a number of weeks long* and are designed to thoroughly cover various topics to avoid have to relearn them down the road. Each series must be mastered before moving on to the next level!

*Make sure to find out when the next series starts to start on the first day of the session

Salsa 1

Intro to Salsa 8 week course. This is where it all begins! Learn the basics of foot-work, partner-work, connection, and how to understand the music. No partner required and no prior experience required! Its very important to start on the first day of the series to not be behind. Call or email to find out when the start date is!

Salsa 2

This is the next step after level 1. Here is where you learn the foundation with 8 independent topics in both foot-work and partner-work. Each topic lasts 4 weeks long and each must be mastered to move on to level 3.

Salsa 3

Level 3 we start combining all the concepts of level 2 to form new patterns and learn more concepts to help you in speed, musicality, connection, leading/following, and much more. Also at level 3 you have the option to join a performance team. If that is something you are interested in please talk to Jimi and/or Paula.

Salsa On2 Drop-Ins


Each class is different and assumes all necessary series classes have been mastered. Learn new steps and new patterns along with the technique needed to confidently execute these moves on the dance floor.

Ladies Styling 1

Learn the basics of styling. Work on arms, body movement, and the grace that makes being a salsera so unique. Oh yea, expect to get SWEAXY!

* Must complete Salsa 1 to attend this class.

Ladies Styling 2

Get more intricate foot-work, arm-work, body movement, and learn to be stylish no matter the difficulty. This class can be challenging! Ladies challenges are occasionally done during this time. The challenge is a choreography class that is around 4 weeks long with the optional performance at our monthly social! Talk to Paula for more details.

* Must complete roughly 4 months of Ladies Styling 1 and have the instructor’s approval

Mens Styling 1

Yes, men have styling too! Learn foot-work and body movement that showcases dance is for men too.

* Must complete Salsa 1 before attending this class

** It is recommended to take our Afro Cuban and Rumba classes to benefit the most from this class